Trekking to the lakes

Medium intensity walk, we climbed among hundred-year-old forests of Canelos in its lower part, Coihues and Mañíos between 900 and 1,050 meters above sea level, Lengas and Araucarias at 1,350 meters above sea level. , with an imposing view (in certain parts) to the Villarrica Volcano and Tinquilco Lake. We arrive at a large plateau where we will see the Toro and Verde targiglaciares lakes (photos) and Laguna Chica, as well as high Andean peaks of particular beauty.

Wildlife has found a safe refuge in the park and if we are lucky we can see foxes, culpeo foxes, chingues, monkey of the mountain, pumas, coipos, pudres, wild cats and huillines. Duration of the tour: 5.5 hours, leaving our day Lodge.