Kayak Ecohuerquehue

At Ecohuerquehue we have had and have the great pleasure of having taught the technique of the use of kayaking to many of our guests, of all ages who have visited us. Sernatur chose our product Kayak, as a corporate image of Chile to represent our country in international fairs, as ambassadors of the 9th and 10th region (lakes and volcanoes).

Our Tours

"Between ancient forests and Andean peaks" A wonderful guided tour through the crystal clear waters of Lake Tinquilco, discovering its very pure riverbank, splendid views of the surrounding mountains crowned by araucarias. The single or double kayaks are very comfortable, stable and safe in all weather, specially designed for people without experience. They have life vests and a large special skirt in case of rain.

Our program

First of all, we welcome our guests with a technical paddling and self rescue. On the shores of Lake Tinquilco we give the proper practical instruction, for a safe and pleasant navigation. After the guest feels like we start the activity. The clients get acquainted with the kayak in a very quiet lake area, which is our "school pool" next to the pitras (pitras = water trees). Then the adventure begins. We paddle to the edge of the lake, where we can observe the majestic landscape that gives us the Huerquehue National Park.

Program Includes

- 2 hours Guided Tours (includes boarding and disembarkation).
- Complete Individual Team.
- Certified Ecotourism Guides.
- Kayak Singles and / or Doubles.

Program Does Not Include

- Insurance of any kind.
- Snack.
- Physical and health status according to the activity to be carried out.